Jan 31 2011


James @ 9:50 pm

Welcome to my blog! My name is James Rogers. I am from the American Southwest. I have a law degree (J.D.) from Harvard, and I also have a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) from the University of Cambridge. I love running and playing with my kids. I’m insatiably curious and love to read and think.

Any other questions about me? Ask away in the comments.

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  1. Ira Greenspan says:

    Fascianating articles. How are you able, alone, to gather, absorb and, as it seems, write about so many diverse topics in uncomplicated understandable english. A dilenttante with few skills and many dreams…. I merely run, play tennis (poorly), and think about lots of stuff I have no “freaking” background in – leaving me frustrated, dazed, confused – and now in my old age cynical and skeptical. ronbear2000

  2. Casey says:

    I recently came across your posts and find them to be interesting. I find it all the more fascinating that you are Mormon. I was raised LDS and was very active in the faith (mission, temple marriage, etc) until the past couple years wherein I have discovered some problematic elements in the history of its founder and of the church in general. I am curious as to how you practically live your life as Mormon. What is the good in Mormonism that you keep and what is the unhelpful that you have jettisoned? I can see the social and moral value in the religion, but I have a hard time with supporting or identifying with the organization due to its inaccurate representations. You seem to offer rational advise in general terms which is why I am so very curious as to how you have been able to practically do this in your own life.

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