May 10 2011


Category: blog stuffJames @ 8:26 am

You can now follow me on Twitter; I try to tweet when new items are posted to the blog.

Apr 19 2011

Why I don’t use links in my posts

Category: blog stuffJames @ 7:43 pm

Several blog readers have asked why I don’t use hyperlinks in my posts, but instead use footnotes. The reason is that studies have shown that the presence of hyperlinks impairs reading performance.1

Hyperlinks interrupt the flow of reading. I think that using footnotes instead of hyperlinks minimizes this type of interruption to the flow of reading, while still allowing readers to easily locate any sources that I refer to in a post.



1 Diana DeStefano and Jo-Anne LeFevre, Cognitive load in hypertext reading: A review, Computers in Human Behavior 23 (2007), pp. 1616–1641. PDF available here.