Jun 06 2014

Read my new book!

I’ve written a book summarizing my thoughts on life, truth, morality, and religion. About half of the book contains material from this blog (revised, re-written, and greatly improved), while the other half is new material never released before. The book is called The Triple Path. You can download it here (currently available only in PDF format).

May 10 2011


Category: blog stuffJames @ 8:26 am

You can now follow me on Twitter; I try to tweet when new items are posted to the blog.

Apr 19 2011

Why I don’t use links in my posts

Category: blog stuffJames @ 7:43 pm

Several blog readers have asked why I don’t use hyperlinks in my posts, but instead use footnotes. The reason is that studies have shown that the presence of hyperlinks impairs reading performance.1

Hyperlinks interrupt the flow of reading. I think that using footnotes instead of hyperlinks minimizes this type of interruption to the flow of reading, while still allowing readers to easily locate any sources that I refer to in a post.



1 Diana DeStefano and Jo-Anne LeFevre, Cognitive load in hypertext reading: A review, Computers in Human Behavior 23 (2007), pp. 1616–1641. PDF available here.